jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012

1- What have I learn with this activity? Which new things can I do now? 
With this activity I learned a little about one painting. Now I can describe a painting. 
2- Am I satisfied with my work?

Yes, becaus I like art and now I can do a new thing with the art.
3- Was the activity difficult? Was it entertaining? Was it useful? 

Only was difficult to find a little information. I didn't entertained a lot but I think that is very useful.

miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012


The Lower Falls Of The Labrofoss was painted by Johan Christian Dahl in 1827. In it yo can see a very beautiful landscape of a waterfall. This painting is realistic, the shapes are like in the reality.

In the painting you can see the waterfall and a little part of the forest. This painting is very simple, the shapes are commonly and are very realistic. The colors are a little bit dull, but it looks like a day of storm or a sad landscape. You can see easily that the focus of the painting is the waterfall, because is more colorfull. 

In this painting, I think the painter maybe was sad and he painted with dull colors and it seemed like a day of storm or it can be possible that was the weather of the day also. In my opinion, this painting shows a relaxing and a beautiful landscape.